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A tad ironic that on one of the coldest, snowiest days i decide to commence with planting my herbs and vegetables for the year but i do like a challenge, so here we are…

brushing up on my planting knowledge...

brushing up on my planting knowledge…

There are numerous lessons i learned from my previous exploits into home- growing, and a few tricks that would probably make seasoned growers recoil in horror, but they worked well for me and i apologise but i’m sticking to them. The main one that sticks in my mind is to do with labour- in that it required far, far too much attention sowing seeds in tiny pots, then moving to bigger, then bigger again containers. Too much effort and too much money, and although i am chancing the fates here i decided just to go straight ahead and sow into medium sized pots- thereby eliminating quite a few extra hours of both re-planting time and money.

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The list of what we’ve decided to grow is quite long but it should cover quite a few culinary bases. In terms of herbs we have: Bush Bail, Thyme, Rosemary, Chives, Sage, Lovage, Oregano, Rocket, Lemon Coriander and Mint. For the vegetables we’re going with: Tomatoes, Chillis, Peppers, Cucumber, Radish, Lettuce, Beetroot, Spring Onions, Cress and Mustard. Oh yes, and the Nectarine stone has finished it’s stratification period, so after bashing the heck out of it i managed to retrieve the seed inside and have planted that also. Wish us luck….

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