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This post is a quick write up for one of our fellow food bloggers Sophie. Check out her site for interesting and delicious recipes. Theres been some synchronicity going on between the two of us lately. Firstly, we’ve both been infusing spirits and then we both made an almost similar baked oatmeal dish.

But the spirits are what got your attention right? So here they are- quick and easy to prepare, they transform the cheapest of alcohols into party pieces and with the gin you get wonderful macerated apricots to savour, once you’ve finish the bottle.

Rosemary & Chilli Vodka:
(Perfect in Bloody Marys)

  • 1 large Red Chilli
  • 2 sprigs of Rosemary
  • 1x 1 ltr bottle of Vodka
  1. Puncture holes into the chilli with a toothpick and rinse along with the rosemary
  2. Remove a few measures of the spirits (and pop in a jar) and carefully poke the chilli into the bottle, followed by the rosemary
  3. Secure the lid and shake gently, leave in a dark place for a week, shaking every so often

Apricot & Sage Gin:

  • 4 Sage leaves
  • 6 Apricots, cut into 6 pieces each
  • 1x 1 ltr bottle of Gin
  1. Wash both the sage and apricots
  2. Remove a few measures of gin and transfer to the same jar as the vodka
  3. Push the sage and 4 of the apricots into the bottle (pop the remaining 2 apricots into the small jar)
  4. Secure lid, shake and leave for 1 week, shaking now and then