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Wonderful folk, myself and 145 of some of the most creative vegan cooks took part in a virtual vegan potluck last weekend. It was my first time pot lucking and not only was it a lot of fun but i was totally, completely blown away by just how creative (and darn delicious) everyones submissions were.

It is my pleasure to share the link to the potluck with you here. Honestly, if you can spare a few minutes you too will see some incredible looking, cruelty free dishes, of all shapes, sizes and colours. Totally inspiration.

Now that the hard work is over its time for us all (and as many of you as possible) to cast our votes for the best dishes in each category. I submitted a dish for the Mains category and included the featured ingredient- Beetroot. Here is a wee photo of my Beetroot & Dill Pierogi with a Tahini Sour Cream. (The full recipe is a few posts back on our home page).

photo copy

I would be so incredibly grateful if you would please take the time to vote for Green and Leithy. The voting form is here. It would make me do a very happy dance and those of you whom i can, i will hug gleefully.

Special thanks to Annie and all the mentors and collaborators for working so damn hard to make this an incredible experience. So yes, please vote, please share and mostly, please enjoy drooling over all the amazing recipes.

Thank you so very much xx