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HELLO world. Hello beautiful followers. Hello January and hello this new year.

Yup, i’m back and more determined than ever to do this right. This being life but also this blog. Our two week holiday was a real break for me. Thats right, i stepped off the steam train and into the grassy meadow. Set my body clock to relax mode and slowed everything the fuzz down. It was a wonderful break, full of family, friends, icy cold walks and long delightful breakfasts. The perfect environment in which to do some really good thinking.

We had a conversation the other day about what we had achieved last year and what, if any, intentions we had for 2014. At the time i was sure i hadn’t really given any thought to the future, i would go so far as to say i was quite scared to even think a day ahead. I’m going to be real honest here and tell you that, historically, January is a really tough month for me. A month that reminds me of really dark days. I had no idea how i would feel in the coming weeks but at the back of mind fear was niggling away. So i decided (or thought i had) to not think about the future but instead focus on each day- not knowing or expecting anything, let alone creating any intentions.

But January came and lo and behold, Monday rolled round and suddenly the curtain dropped to reveal a whole myriad thought processes and sure enough, a perfectly wrapped set of intentions. It was one thought that really brought this on, or a memory to be precise- it was my darkest day and it seems the whole world had slipped away from me, alone and scared as i lay in bed, unable to live it seemed. My (heaven sent) mum was on the other end of the phone i clutched like the only life buoy in the biggest sea and she told me a story. The story of Pandora’s box. She got through the story even though both of our hearts were breaking and came to the end. In a very calm and other- wordly loving tone she uttered the last sentence- “and you know what left, at the very end? HOPE”.

Those words echoed in my ear that entire Monday, as i picked my way through all the thoughts i thought i hadn’t been thinking. My intentions became clear like a boat emerging from the fog. The most striking being that i AM going to face this year with positivity. I am going to dream and hope and wish and manifest all these beautiful thoughts into reality. I am going to hope my way out of adversity.

And so, even though i am still minus a computer, I AM going to give this blog the attention it (and you all) deserve. I AM going to finish the new website because it is beautiful and i think you will all love it as much as i do. I AM going to continue to give you healthy, compassionate, delicious recipe. I AM going to ramble on with no apparent style and with more honesty than i was previously too scared to.

This is me. And you are you. And we are, all of us, brilliant, unique and far more powerful than we believe.

I would love it if you would all give me your intentions for the year ahead (or the week ahead, the next hour even) in the comments. Another intention of mine is to connect with you all far more. One of the greatest things in life is the relationships we make, the ideas we share and the inspiration that others can offer. I want to open a dialogue with as many of you as possible, so we can create some wonderful energies, start new friendships, learn from each other. Please don’t be afraid to comment. Anything and everything you have to share means the world to me. And to the friends who comment regularly i send a big thank you and so much love- i look forward to getting to know you all better. We’re in this together right.